WPL: A Partner in the Fight Against COVID-19

Nov 06, 2020

Not all logistics companies have the ability to transport refrigerated shipments, but Western Peaks Logistics does. Over the years, this has meant that we are able to service a huge segment of the business community by providing safe delivery of food, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-controlled freight such as candles, live plants, fresh flowers and more.

But today, the refrigerated logistics services that we provide to customers throughout Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Intermountain West have become more than convenient — they’re critically important. That’s because Western Peaks Logistics is now a leader in the transport of refrigerated COVID-19 tests and samples. These include nasal and oral swabs that test for the virus as well as blood samples that confirm or deny presence of COVID-19 antibodies.

Refrigerated Carriers Needed

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires that all COVID-19 tests, which include both nasal swabs and blood tests, be refrigerated at between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius while being transported to a laboratory for testing. If the specimens are not kept cold enough, or if they are allowed to freeze, this can affect the reliability of the test. Acting on unreliable results from COVID-19 tests can be a tremendous risk and even cause lives to be lost. The new COVID-19 vaccines are anticipated to be ready for dissemination in January, and WPL expects to be a courier for these vaccines as well.

WPL: A Trusted Logistics Company

Healthcare providers must be able to put their full trust in couriers of COVID-19 samples — and all pharmaceutical tests and supplies. Western Peaks Logistics is a proven reliable carrier of such goods throughout the entire Rocky Mountain West, including Denver and Boise.

As the number of cases for this deadly disease continue to tick up through the winter, WPL has positioned itself as a critical, trusted partner in the fight against COVID-19. We carry the tests that local essential workers and other professionals must undergo on a regular basis in order to serve the public safely.

Western Peak Logistics works hard to be the courier of choice in Salt Lake City, Denver, Boise and throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Our professionalism and reliability are what makes us so valuable in these uncertain times. Rest assured we are here, serving our customers, until the last vaccine is delivered and beyond.

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