WPL and the Fight Against COVID-19

Oct 16, 2020

When you want to work with the safest and most cautious logistics company in Salt Lake City, rely on the team at Western Peaks Logistics, which also serves the Denver and Boise areas. We have a specially designed set of protocols in place to protect the health and safety of our customers and our employees from the transmission of COVID-19.

Western Peaks Logistics has always had and followed rules for health and safety, so with the unwelcome arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job of adapting these rules to the new threat was not as much of a challenge as it might have been for other companies that had no, or few, of these types of regulations in place.

Putting Faith in WPL

Delivering goods to companies and consumers in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho has never been as important as it is now. Many Americans are still confined to their homes, due to the state of their health and the risk that shopping in brick-and-mortar stores poses. We know we are their lifeline, and we must provide for their needs as safely as possible.

To that end, we have instituted a new set of guidelines for drivers and employees:

  1. We perform daily temperature checks. Anyone with a fever is sent home until they are fully recovered.
  2. Our employees wear face masks and gloves at all times, whether that’s in a truck, the office, a warehouse, or on your doorstep.
  3. Any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to stay away from the workplace until they test negative.

While taking these necessary precautions brings the potential for operational logistics challenges, it’s not been a concern at Western Peaks Logistics. The reason for this is, as a logistics company, we not only plan all of our movements and schedules carefully — both in the short term and long term — we have a plan B and a plan C for everything we do.

WPL Rises to the Challenge

Because we had the necessary infrastructure in place at the time the coronavirus became a national emergency, we were able to continue operations at full speed.

The type of emergency situation that COVID-19 presents deals a four-part blow to logistics companies:

  • First, it has the potential to make a larger-than-normal percentage of employees sick and unable to work, leaving operations short-handed.
  • This problem is compounded by the fact that right at the time a logistics company might be struggling with a reduced staff, demand shoots up for delivered goods.
  • It can be more difficult to hire new workers because of the perceived dangers of the job.
  • And lastly, each logistics company must create and implement new safety protocols, invest in the equipment necessary to improve and ensure safety, train staff on the use of the equipment and new best practices, and ensure the rules are being followed.

It’s a lot to do, and it needed to be done faster than ever before.

Western Peaks Logistics was ready for the challenge. We always keep a full roster of employees, which includes backup drivers we can call on if we need them, to help ensure our delivery operations are not affected as we continue to meet the increased demand of consumers quarantined at home, as well as health care organizations in need of critical supplies.

A Logistics Company You Can Trust

At Western Peaks Logistics, we consider ourselves to be among those fighting on the front lines against COVID-19, delivering the goods necessary to see us through this global crisis. Our clients can put their confidence in us to make sure their goods get to their destinations safely and on time. COVID-19 won’t slow us down.

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