WPL: The Courier for Shipping Heavy Items

Sep 18, 2020

When you need to ship a heavy piece of freight, whether you’re in Salt Lake City, Boise, or Denver, it’s normal to feel concerned that it will be costly or that something might happen to it during transport. That’s why when you want to ship large items like furniture, appliances, or exercise equipment, it’s best to rely on an experienced courier such as Western Peaks Logistics.

Shipping Furniture

While there are admittedly plenty of items heavier than furniture, the truth is that furniture is a challenge to move. One reason is because it is so heavy, but another is because it has to remain in pristine condition throughout the move. Although furniture is usually covered in heavy plastic, this doesn’t provide the same kind of protection that a cardboard box would.

Moreover, moving furniture usually involves some delicate maneuvering, such as up or down stairs, through narrow doorways and into sometimes-tight spaces. It’s not as easy as simply driving up to a loading platform and simply depositing the freight atop it.

It requires a professional logistics company, such as WPL.

Couriers for Appliances

You may not think of appliances as delicate, but they can be. Today’s appliances, including stoves, refrigerators, and clothes washers and dryers all have electronic components. And while it is important to handle all freight with care, electronics require an even higher standard of care (as anyone who has dropped their cellphone uniquely understands).

WPL is up to the challenge of moving appliances with kid gloves. Whether you’re a restaurant getting a new freezer or a consumer waiting for your refrigerator to arrive, you want the delivery to be smooth and professional, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Logistics for Exercise Equipment

Today, more than ever, Americans are ordering exercise equipment for home use. With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people feel it’s too risky to safely return to the gym. For that reason, in order to stay in shape, they are working out at home. While this may have included some pushups and squats at the beginning of the pandemic, people are now investing in their own treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical machines, rowing machines, steppers, and home gyms.

Home gyms, complete with weight stacks, are some of the heaviest pieces of equipment that we move. While it’s possible for two delivery workers to move an item like a residential clothes washer with a dolly, heavier freight may require more specialized equipment.

That’s why at Western Peak Logistics, we keep trucks in our fleet equipped with lift gates specifically for moving heavy items such as furniture, appliances, and exercise equipment to both residential and business addresses.

Rely on a Courier With Experience

You can see how when you have a heavy shipment that needs to arrive safely and on time, it’s critical to trust a dependable, experienced courier such as Western Peaks Logistics with the job. We move heavy loads throughout Utah, Colorado, and Idaho safely every day. Call us today to find out about rates. Shipping Furniture

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