WPL Doing Its Part to Support Local Economy

Nov 13, 2020

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on so many businesses across the United States — restaurants, bars, hotels, gyms, salons, and retail stores, to name a few. It’s heartbreaking, and we can only hope our country’s economy will recover quickly. At the same time, business at Western Peaks Logistics is ramping up, partly due to the need for so many people to order items to be delivered to their homes.

Higher Demand for Delivery Services in Busy Season

The coronavirus is keeping millions of people shut in their homes — especially older folks and those with compromised immune systems. While some people may make the decision to take chances and venture out into grocery and retail stores, for others, this is just not an option.

In fact, the increase in package shipping and delivery needs has put a strain on the U.S. Post Office and other well-known shipping companies, causing delays and other issues.

December is traditionally a busy time for all logistics companies, including WPL, because of the uptick in business with the Christmas holiday. Adding COVID-19 into the mix just makes demand higher, especially considering the number of nasal swabs and blood tests we also now handle as part of our regular daily workload.

WPL Pitches In

At Western Peaks Logistics, we are doing our part in helping deliver essential packages and freight, and we’re providing a shot in the arm to the local economy by hiring new drivers and warehouse workers to keep up with demand.

While many workers in the Rocky Mountain West have been laid off or lost their jobs entirely due to COVID-19, Western Peaks Logistics is fortunate to be able to provide a steady income for our drivers, dock workers and their families.

As a country, we are all in this together. We’re all trying hard to do what we can to help ourselves and to help others get by during these strange times. At WPL, we feel lucky to be doing work that we find rewarding. Helping people stay safe and healthy, and seeing the joy it brings them to receive their packages makes our long workdays worth it.

When you need a package delivered on time, no matter how large or small, call the professional team at Western Peaks Logistics. We’re here for our customers in Salt Lake City, Boise, Denver and throughout the Rocky Mountain West.

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