How Technology Makes Our Logistics Company No. 1

Jun 12, 2020

Some things about logistics companies never change: We move packages and freight from Point A to Point B to serve businesses and consumers. But our speed, accuracy, and how we serve the customer continue to improve and evolve, and that’s often what makes the difference between a good courier service and a great courier service.

One of the most important technological advancements in our industry has been the invention of global positioning systems. Originally a tool of the Army launched in the 1970s after the strategic placement of satellites, GPS allows our delivery drivers to accurately find addresses more quickly than ever before. This technology is especially critical in the Rocky Mountain West states of Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, where many delivery points are located in rural areas that may be hard to reach, or even to find.

But the most recent critical tool in the logistics field — package tracking — improves customer service in a whole new way because it takes the mystery out of package delivery.

Package Tracking for Logistics

Each parcel, package, or piece of freight that Western Peaks Logistics picks up (or you drop off) is equipped with a bar code. This bar code is scanned each time the parcel arrives at or leaves a facility, is loaded or unloaded from a truck, and when it reaches its final destination.

Package tracking allows us — and our customers — to check on the status of a package at any time. This type of real-time reassurance is invaluable. When your customer is expecting a delivery, whether they are in Salt Lake City, Denver, Boise or another city or town in the Rocky Mountain West, they can check and see where it is in its journey.

Having access to this information keeps customers calmer and happier. For instance, if you shipped their package a little later than you expected to, being able to learn that package is on its way — and exactly when it is expected to arrive — can help soothe an otherwise irritated customer.

Technology in the Warehouse

Our technological solutions extend to our warehousing services as well.

You may not have the space to store your merchandise, whether that be due to rapid growth, the fact that you are a small business, a dearth of available industrial real estate solutions, or another reason.

WPL has the space you need to warehouse your goods, and we employ the best and latest technology so that you can quickly and easily track your inventory. These tools are an immense help for businesses that want to carefully monitor stock. Using an offsite warehouse saves you the expense of signing a commercial lease, and the tracking technology allows you to oversee your shipping operations from the comfort of your office.

Rely on our logistics company to serve you best with the most up-to-date technology.

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