Trust Your Valuable Items to WPL’s White-Glove Service

Oct 02, 2020

Our customers think of us as the courier to call whenever they need goods delivered, but did you know we also provide white-glove service? We offer this specialized service to all our customers — residential and commercial — no matter how far-flung their clients may be throughout the Rocky Mountain West.

What Is White-Glove Service?

As you may imagine, white-glove service as it pertains to the transportation and logistics industry goes above and beyond normal delivery service. It refers to a specialized, higher level of assistance we offer at Western Peaks Logistics.

Safe Transport and Delivery of Fragile and Valuable Items

Of course, WPL is always careful with all the items we transport. However, some items are truly irreplaceable. For residential customers, these may include items such as your grandmother’s wedding gown, a rocking chair that’s been in the family for generations, or your grandfather’s dog tags and medals from the war.

For commercial customers, it might include one-of-a-kind artwork, rare antiques, handmade furniture, jewelry, and other valuable items.

Antiques dealers, artisans, and craftspeople rely on us to make sure their valuable items arrive in their clients’ hands in exactly the condition they shipped them. A trusted logistics company with white-glove service is an indispensable partner to these enterprises.

Packaging and Crating

Many items require a watchful eye, but some need special handling and packaging as well, and you can rely on WPL for this important step.

Whether your shipment requires bubble wrap, blankets, shrink wrap, cardboard, wooden crates, or another packing material, rest assured we have on hand the professional cushioning and protective wraps necessary to safeguard all your items during shipment.

Assembly and Setup Services

It’s one thing to ensure your goods arrive intact and on time, and it’s another to go the extra mile to carefully unpack the shipment and even set it up.

If your customers have paid many thousands of dollars for a piece of furniture or another type of equipment, the last thing they want is to risk damaging it themselves by trying to bring it indoors and unpack it.

Trust our logistics company to handle this part of the delivery for you. Not only do we provide a two-person team to bring the item inside and set it up, but we also remove all associated packaging and debris, so all that’s left behind is the item you shipped, set up just as you intended.

Whether it’s a custom-made, four-poster bed for your new home or vending machines for your business, you can count on us.

Rely on WPL

WPL is the logistics company to trust, whether you’re shipping medical equipment, a family heirloom, or the Mona Lisa. Contact us today for rates and more information.

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