Western Peaks Makes Holiday Magic This Season

Nov 20, 2020

As much as we love Santa and the magic that he creates every holiday season, here at Western Peaks Logistics, we know Santa needs a little help, and that’s what we provide every year in the form of reliable, on-time deliveries of packages and freight.

The Holiday Surge in Logistics

The volume of goods being shipped rises every year between Halloween and Christmas, with hundreds of thousands of people ordering gifts online to be shipped either to themselves to wrap and put under the tree or to friends and relatives throughout the country and even the world.

As a logistics company, we prepare every year for the surge by ensuring we have enough staff on hand to handle the extra volume.

Of course, drivers are key — no freight ships without drivers — but it’s just as important to have enough dock workers to load and unload freight at our distribution centers. Western Peaks Logistics offers cross-dock logistics services, critical parts management, hot-shot distribution, and palletizing, packaging, and warehousing services. It’s a major operation, and it requires us to be fully staffed, especially for the busy season.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Shipping

This year, the challenge has been greater than ever, and we have risen to meet it. With the increase in shipping volume that began in the first quarter of the year when COVID-19 first sent Americans inside with quarantine restrictions, logistics companies began the task of ramping up operations to meet demand.

As the year slowly dragged on with restrictions continually waxing and waning, the demand in shipping continued to be high. Not only are those quarantined at home having to rely on couriers and logistics companies for their basic needs, such as groceries and clothing, but they are also ordering other items to help keep them entertained at home, such as video game systems, fitness bikes, and millions of small items such as jigsaw puzzles, quilting supplies, and books.

Logistics companies were already operating at a much greater capacity as the busy holiday season arrived.

WPL’s Approach to Service

That’s when smart retailers make the choice to rely on a logistics company with experience. The logistics companies that came together to form Western Peaks Logistics four years ago have been operating in the Salt Lake City, Denver, and Boise areas for decades — some since the 1950s! WPL has been recognized by industry professionals for our amazing growth these last few years, and it comes from our dedication to a strategic, well-crafted, responsible business plan. Our customers count on our dependable, friendly service and our competitive rates.

We operate according to our core values, and we credit these for our success.

When you need packages or freight shipped safely, call on the top logistics company for Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and the entire Rocky Mountain West: Western Peaks Logistics. We’re here to make your holiday dreams come true.

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