Trust WPL Couriers with Your Important Documents

Mar 12, 2021

The internet has changed life dramatically in so many ways. As great as it is that we can do so much virtually now — especially in the midst of a global pandemic — some things still need to be done by hand. One of those is delivering important, original documents. When you need a reliable courier in Utah, Idaho, or Colorado, depend on Western Peaks Logistics.

Courier Service Through the Years

The courier business has changed quite a bit over the years. At one time, couriers were tremendously busy transporting important documents. The invention of the fax machine produced a sea change in the industry. Suddenly, you could send a document across the world almost instantly.

The internet took this development a giant step further by making it possible to exchange documents without even printing them. However, couriers were still needed during this time for documents that required signatures. Later, with the invention of services such as DocuSign, the need for couriers was reduced even further.

Couriers Today

No matter how much convenience technology delivers, there is still a need for reliable courier services for some documents.

  1. Legal documents: Wills, divorce papers, powers of attorney, and other legal documents still must be signed in person. Other types of legal documents that must be notarized also fall into this category. Whether they go back to the courts, your lawyer, or another location, trust your most important documents to the couriers at Western Peaks Logistics.

  2. Passports: While original passports are often delivered by U.S. mail, there are times when a courier may be a better option. Imagine if you lost your passport but you needed to travel right away. If someone finds your passport and contacts you, you won't have time to wait for that person to put it in the mail. The safest option is to have it picked up by courier.

  3. Green cards: A lost green can spell disaster for noncitizens. If your green card is lost, it's not safe to travel and your daily routines and activities may be interrupted. When you need a new green card, trust its delivery to a courier like Western Peaks Logistics.

  4. Financial documents: Mortgages, personal loans, and some other types of financial documents must be signed in person and returned to a financial professional or institution. The safest way to transport these one-of-a-kind documents is to use a courier service.

  5. Business documents: Legal contracts and other types of business deals are also transactions that people rely on couriers to transport. Many contracts are worth thousands or even millions of dollars, and a holdup of even a day could end up costing a company dearly.

When you have a critically important document you need signed and safely returned, rely on the couriers at Western Peaks Logistics. We deliver in Salt Lake City, Utah; Boise, Idaho; Denver, Colorado; and throughout the entire Rocky Mountain West.

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