The Difference Between Cross-Docking and Warehousing

Dec 11, 2020

If you’re a retailer, you’re likely familiar with warehousing services. But are you familiar with cross-docking facilities and how they can help you get your goods from point A to point B even faster and in better shape? Western Peaks Logistics can fill you in on how this important part of our operations improves our customer service.

Logistics & Warehousing

Warehousing services are great, because they give you a place to keep your inventory at a lower cost than renting out your own space. Rather than commit to a long-term lease to keep your items in a space that you’re always running back and forth to, you can rent warehouse space from a logistics company on a short-term basis.

And you never have to go there, because we handle that aspect of shipping for you as well.

You decide how much of your product you want to keep in which locations. Western Peaks Logistics makes it easy for you to check and see exactly how much product you have on hand at any given time, day or night.

If you’re expecting a rush for the holidays, Valentine’s Day, swimsuit season, or anytime your products are especially in demand, you can send a shipment to us. We’ll store it for you, then pack it and ship it out each time you send us an order. We even provide palletizing services for large orders to other retailers that sell your products for you.

Logistics & Cross-Docking

Our cross-docking operations, however, allow us to move some goods faster and safer.

Cross-docking is a logistics practice that involves unloading freight in one part of the facility and re-loading it in another, with little to no storage time. This means your goods aren’t sitting idle in a warehouse, taking up space and incurring storage fees. They’re on the move, all the time, between manufacturer and customer.

To be sure, operating a cross-dock facility is an intricate dance and requires careful planning, but that’s just a day in the life of a logistics company.

WPL: Your Partner in the Rocky Mountain West

Brick-and-mortar businesses and e-commerce sites need a logistics company they can count on, and that’s Western Peaks Logistics. We have been serving the Rocky Mountain area—including Salt Lake City, Utah; Boise, Idaho; and Denver, Colorado—for decades, cementing our reputation as a trusted shipper and courier in the area. For more information on shipping, warehousing, and cross-docking services, contact the friendly, professional team at Western Peaks Logistics.

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