The Best Courier Services in Utah, Idaho, and Colorado

Jul 17, 2020

Whether you have an ongoing need for a courier service, you only need a courier occasionally, or you require courier services just one time, rely on Western Peaks Logistics. Our logistics company handles shipment of the largest freight across the country and the smallest envelope across town.

Timing Is Everything in Logistics Services

While many businesses plan courier pickups and drop-offs as part of their daily routine, many others realize only in the 11th hour they need a courier — stat. Our customers have been surprised — and relieved — at how quickly they receive a quote back after they put a request in. But we’re in the logistics business, so if we didn’t respond quickly, we wouldn’t have the loyal customer following that we do.

Of course, you can always call us — we have live workers on duty to help you when waiting even a few minutes is just too stressful.

You can count on us to give you accurate delivery times, but for those who like to keep close tabs on their documents or package, we offer real-time tracking. You can practically watch your package making its way to its destination.

Helpful and Friendly Courier Service

While safe, on-time delivery is the most important aspect of a courier service, good customer service is also a priority. Our delivery drivers are friendly, efficient and, many customers tell us, a joy to work with. Many are on a first-name basis with regular clients who put their trust in us every day. And we don’t charge premium prices, even though we provide top-notch service. Our prices are competitive and reasonable.

One of the reasons we can keep our costs down is our experienced, reliable courier drives. Our drivers know the cities they’re working in, whether it’s Salt Lake City, Denver, or Boise, and they know the best route to take to get to the destination faster than anyone else. They know how to park safely, and they frequently know the building’s concierge or receptionist as well, making the task that much easier.

No Room for Errors

Our clients regularly rely on us for roundtrip deliveries of important documents like real estate transactions, and contracts. We also courier important deliveries such as passports and immigration papers, and we carry critically important medical shipments such as laboratory samples, prescriptions, and medical equipment like oxygen tanks and wheelchairs.

When you want the most reliable courier service in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, rely on the experienced professionals at Western Peaks Logistics.

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