Big & Bulky Items? No Problem. Count on WPL for Last-Mile Service.

Feb 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept millions of people at home for a year. Furniture, appliances, and other household goods have suffered a lot more wear and tear during this time than anyone expected. If you’re a furniture dealer with skyrocketing sales and the need for a reliable shipping partner, talk to the top Rocky Mountain logistics company — WPL — about our last-mile service.

Americans — and their pets — have worn out their furniture at record speeds during this last year, using their couches and chairs for working and watching endless movies and TV. Springs are sagging, pet hair is building up, and stains have become too numerous to count.

It’s the same with appliances. We have never used our stoves and refrigerators as much in our lives as we have during this past year. We are even using our washers and dryers more, since we aren’t wearing our dry-clean-only work clothes.

Consumer Spending Is Up

With the recent distribution of stimulus checks from the government and tax refunds from the IRS, consumers are heading to furniture and appliance websites and showrooms everywhere to get replacements for beds, living room sets, dining room sets, stoves, refrigerators, and more.

As a small business owner, whether you own a furniture store, you’re an appliance retailer, or you deal in other big and bulky household items, you need a dependable partner to get your orders where they need to go. That’s where Western Peaks Logistics comes in.

Last-Mile Deliveries

We have been a top logistics provider in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and throughout the Rocky Mountain West for more than a decade. Moving big and bulky items isn’t easy. They’re heavy, they’re hard to maneuver, and it’s important to make sure they arrive in pristine condition — no scratches, dents, or marks of any kind.

Our last-mile delivery drivers are known for careful treatment of big and bulky items, as well as on-time deliveries. It’s important to find a logistics company that strikes that perfect balance between taking the time to treat the freight gently and getting it there as quickly as possible.

Serving SLC, Denver, and Boise

Another important component of your business as a small furniture or appliance store owner is the cost of shipping your big and bulky items. Getting a good shipping rate can mean the difference between profit and loss for your company.

Here at WPL, we offer you the most value for the lowest rate possible. We have operated our Rocky Mountain logistics company for a long time, and our bids are not guesses. We know exactly what it costs to ship big and bulky items and why. Our pricing structure is fair, and we take accountability seriously.

Western Peaks Logistics is a trustworthy, reliable logistics provider in major cities and tiny towns throughout the Rocky Mountain West. If you are a furniture or appliance dealer looking for the best last-mile delivery company for your big and bulky items, contact us today.

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