Keep Valentine’s Flowers Fresh in Prepared Courier Trucks

Jan 01, 2021

Lots of Americans are looking forward to the upcoming holiday traditionally filled with love: Valentine’s Day. And if you’re a florist, chocolatier, candy maker, or anyone who needs to ship goods safely in a temperature-controlled truck, your best bet is Western Peaks Logistics. We deliver in Salt Lake City, Denver, Boise, and throughout the entire Rocky Mountain West.

Dependable Floral Courier for Utah

Fresh-cut flowers are fragile in many ways. They must be handled carefully to prevent crushing or petal loss. Many Valentine’s bouquets are shipped in boxes, but most are delivered in vases so couriers must take care to secure the products during transportation to prevent tipping or spilling.

Regardless, the temperature of the delivery truck must be kept constant so that the flowers remain in the best shape possible. No one wants to receive wilted flowers!

But in the Rocky Mountain West, it’s not just wilting we’re fighting against on Valentine’s Day — it’s freezing. We also need to prevent the flowers and bouquets from being exposed to February’s frigid air. Icy cold air kills flowers quickly.

But it’s not just flowers our logistics company is tasked to protect for the Valentine’s holiday — it’s candy and other foods, too.

Shipping Candy and Balloons in Utah, Idaho, and Colorado

Chocolate is probably the most common type of food gift for Valentine’s Day, but it’s not the only one. Also popular are other types of candy, cake, cookies, fruit, and more. All this food needs to be kept in its freshest condition throughout its trip from merchant to receiver.

An item you wouldn’t think would need refrigeration (but sometimes does) is balloons. Balloon bouquets are popular on Valentine’s Day and for other holidays and birthdays all year long. But whether they are mylar or latex, balloons do not do well in temperature extremes. When our couriers deliver balloons, they’re fresh, fat, and full.

How Refrigerated Trucks Work

A refrigerated truck can be set to different temperatures. Produce, meats, fish, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and plants all require different optimal temperatures. In fact, optimal temperatures can vary within each of these categories. When drivers operate refrigerated trucks, they must open and close the doors quickly and take care to keep the temperature constant.

Count on Western Peaks Logistics

Whether you’re shipping gifts of flowers, food, balloons, or any other fragile item for Valentine’s Day, rely on the dependable team at Western Peaks Logistics to get gifts to your loved ones on time and in the best possible condition. Contact us today for shipping details, quotes, and reservations.

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