How to Pack Posters and Artwork Safely for Shipping

Jan 08, 2021

Some items are easy to ship. These are usually items that fit easily and snugly into a standard-size box and aren’t particularly fragile. But then there are other items that are more challenging to ship, and among these are posters, canvas paintings, and other works of art, including sculptures. If you’re an art dealer, artist, or merchant, Western Peaks Logistics can help you with the best way to pack these items for safest shipment.

Shipping Posters

Most customers ship posters in heavy-duty cardboard tube packaging. It’s easy — you just roll it up and slip it into the tube, which protects the lightweight paper throughout its journey. These tubes come in different sizes and weights, so make sure you choose the right one for your poster. In fact, there are even options that provide protection against moisture. For extra durability, you could even use PVC.

Slightly cheaper options for shipping posters include square or triangular long corrugated cardboard boxes. These don’t hold up nearly as well as round tubes though, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to save money.

Shipping Canvas Paintings

You can often ship a canvas painting the same way — in a round tube. However, if you are mailing more than one painting in a tube, you should take special precautions with the material you use to separate them, since depending on the type of paint used, the plastic dividers can stick and damage the paintings.

Another option is to ship them flat. If your painting isn’t mounted, you’ll want to anchor it to a sturdy piece of cardboard to prevent it from becoming wrinkled during transport.

If your canvas painting is framed, you don’t have to worry too much about damage to the painting itself, but you will have to protect the glass in the frame. Using plenty of bubble wrap is the best way to prevent against glass breakage.

Shipping Works of Art

How you ship a work of art is largely determinant on the piece itself. Museums use special packing materials like glassine and archival tissue paper to avoid even the slightest chance of damage. They box artwork in sturdy crates lined with cushioning material. And they might insure them for thousands or even millions of dollars.

The artwork you’re shipping might be less valuable or less fragile, but it still is likely a one-of-a-kind piece, so precautions should still be taken for safe transport.

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