How Freight Forwarders Help with the Customer Experience

Oct 12, 2021

There are numerous industries projected to see major growth in the next several years, and freight forwarding is among them. We’re in an era of free, fast delivery, and the pressure this has placed on e-commerce businesses around the globe has led to increased reliance on professional freight forwarders.

At Western Peaks Logistics, we're proud to offer the very best in freight forwarding and related services to businesses. We assist companies of all sizes, and throughout various industries, in coordinating delivery of products and several other logistical services. We maintain an extensive network of carriers and hubs throughout the Intermountain West, and we'll ensure your cargo gets where it needs to go quickly.

One of the key ways we and other freight forwarders provide value to our clients is improving your customer experience. Here is how we do it.

Integrating Various Logistics Factors and Timelines

Within the e-commerce world, especially over the last 18 months as demand has soared for product delivery, there are several different factors involved in the customer experience. For instance, timing is a huge component of this experience as it relates to logistics.

Most customers have at least some sense of what speed means when it comes to delivery - overnight if possible, 2-day at minimum, etc. We make sure all your products are handled with the highest regard for timeliness and efficiency so you can pursue and achieve your e-commerce goals.

Another key logistics factor is how different items/packages are routed for deliveries to make sure they arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. We track all this information and more in our advanced tracking system so you'll receive accurate updates about where your products are located along the way.

Yet another important factor is driver availability, which has been relatively low during most of the COVID-19 pandemic as demand for their services has skyrocketed. Because there are fewer drivers today compared to the quantities of cargo being sent, it's crucial to have a central location coordinating loads. Our state-of-the-art hub coordination system helps us do just that by creating controlled situations out of heavy loads, giving us the means to optimize delivery times.

Bulk Information Uploading

Uploading documents is another major part of the shipping and logistics process, with documents uploaded to various areas such as BOL (Bill of Landing) and others. In the past, businesses have tried to manage document uploading from numerous different platforms or locations -- a process that slows down the entire timeline in many cases.

When you work with a quality freight forwarder, however, you can upload all your BOL and related information in bulk and into a single repository. Whenever documents are needed, we'll be able to access them with a simple search. This speeds everything up considerably and saves massive amounts of time.

Instantaneous Shipment Updates and Alerts

Keeping track of your cargo as it’s on the way to customers is another vital part of the freight forwarder/customer experience equation. We track every shipment in real time and provide you with constant updates about your package’s location. This ensures that customers always know where their products are, no matter what.

Customers have a variety of options to stay up to date, including customized alerts that can instantly notify them when a product has crossed certain milestones like the warehouse, city limits, state lines, etc. WPL’s in-house services remove the tracking and software expense and burden from our clients.

Reduction in Quote and Booking Delays

Another significant challenge facing e-commerce companies is the common delays that are present throughout the supply chain. Getting a quote through some shipping carriers can take far too long, with multiple calls and emails back and forth. Simply opening and closing a new shipment can take an inordinate amount of time as well.

With WPL, however, this process is streamlined and completely efficient on all fronts, reducing quote delays to near zero and booking times for new shipments to just minutes.

Compliance With New Regulations

Due to both the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, there are changes being made to the shipping regulatory landscape. For example, your customers might expect you to provide more detailed information about their shipments before they even take place. New regulations may also prevent you from accepting certain shipments altogether -- other new regulations may require that you keep all your documentation in digital format only.

Our compliance experts are always up to date on these changes and can work with you to meet all regulatory requirements. This is a great way to ensure that your business doesn't end up losing revenue or getting into legal trouble due to some new regulation that hasn't been communicated effectively.

By utilizing the services provided by a quality freight forwarder, you'll be able to focus on the needs of your day-to-day operations. For more on the benefits we offer to clients in numerous industries when it comes to improving the customer experience, contact Western Peaks Logistics today.

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