Efficient Warehousing and Logistics Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Oct 09, 2020

As a logistics company, a big part of what Western Peaks Logistics does is provide warehousing and storage solutions for our clients in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. Our most important job is to move goods from point A to point B, but sometimes those goods need to be stored in between, and we take care of that need for our customers.

We keep, manage, and maintain warehouse facilities throughout our coverage area, from Salt Lake City to Denver to Boise and the surrounding areas. Our warehouses are also cross-docking facilities, so we provide both short-term and long-term storage solutions.

Warehousing Goods

WPL’s warehouses are not merely storage facilities; they are busy hives, professionally staffed 24/7, so you know your freight is safe. When you choose Western Peaks Logistics for your warehousing needs, you get a host of benefits.

First, we offer kitting services for your inventory, so you can save on shipping costs. When your customers order several items, we bundle them together in a kit and ship them all at once. Your customers will be happier — they never want to get a notice that says items are being shipped individually from all over the country and that they have to pay extra for the inconvenience.

Every item that comes into and out of our warehouse has a barcode as well, so you can easily keep track of your inventory. We also provide over-labeling services (covering one label with another), which contributes to better inventory control. Plus, it makes the packages look nicer and more professional.

And finally, we offer palletizing services to keep your goods contained and safe for shipping to the next destination.

Logistics Services

Warehousing is a huge money-saver for our clients, but the real value in our services comes from integrating warehousing with logistics.

The job of managing logistics includes scheduling incoming delivery vehicles to unload at certain docks at certain times while different trucks load up at other docks. Some of the freight that’s coming in needs to be moved back out ASAP, while some if it will go into the warehouse.

It’s our superior management of these processes that saves you money. Our efficiency, speed, and ability to be flexible and quickly and easily adapt to a change of schedule means your goods get to where they need to be, with minimal time spent sitting in a warehouse or in transit.

Using a company that manages both your warehousing and logistics needs cuts down on time wasted and reduces the chances for errors to be made. Using WPL improves your bottom line further, because you can depend on our years of experience providing proven superior service.

Rely on WPL

Western Peaks Logistics is a trusted company providing warehousing and logistics solutions to customers doing business throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve your bottom line though efficient moving and storing of goods.

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