A Day in the Life of a Courier

Jun 29, 2021

Couriers play a crucial role in society today, ensuring people get all the items they order online every day. But the job isn’t easy. Western Peaks Logistics wants you to know how hard couriers work to get you the electronics, clothing, jewelry, books, toys, exercise equipment, cosmetics, and literally millions of other items you’re waiting for.

What Makes a Good Courier?

When Western Peaks Logistics hirers couriers, we look for certain characteristics. Although delivering packages is a solitary job, we want drivers who are personable, because they sometimes will interact with customers. They also may interact with other drivers, especially in a city such as Denver, Boise, or Salt Lake City. Sometimes other drivers find it difficult to navigate around courier vans, and couriers must be able to keep their cool if strangers yell at them.

We also look at a courier’s driving record. We only hire couriers with good driving records — no speeding tickets, accidents, or reckless driving charges. Couriers do not need a special license to drive a courier van, so anyone with a regular license can apply.

Many positions for couriers require that they be able to lift a minimum amount of weight. That’s because some of the packages they deliver are heavy. While most courier trucks are equipped with hand trucks and straps, moving heavy boxes is still hard work, especially on hot days.

The Challenges of Being a Courier

A lot of couriers say they enjoy their work because they are out and about and not cooped up in a warehouse or office. They get to listen to music or enjoy some peace and quiet. Not everyone is cut out to be a courier, and some people feel the job is lonely because they interact with others infrequently. But those who enjoy working independently don’t mind the solitude.

One of the drawbacks of working as courier in the Rocky Mountain West can be dealing with the weather. Delivering packages is harder on hot days, and it’s downright annoying on rainy days. Cold, icy days can be challenging as well. But the good news is that on many days of the year in this region, the weather is just perfect, and couriers are out working under sunny skies all day long instead of sitting behind a desk.

The Rocky Mountain West — Utah, Colorado, and Idaho in particular — has a lot of rugged territory that can be difficult to access with a courier van. Some roads are narrow or steep, and in the snow, they can be dangerous. Other roads are not paved, and these roads are even more difficult to navigate when it rains, and they become muddy.

Couriers are often out delivering after dark, especially in the winter and over the holiday season. Delivering packages in high-crime areas can be daunting. In these cases, it’s important for couriers to drive a marked vehicle and wear a uniform so they are easily identifiable, and no one mistakes them for prowlers. Because drivers don’t carry money, they are not targets for robbery as often as food couriers.

Next time you see a Western Peaks Logistics courier delivering a package, give a smile and friendly wave and even thank them for the job they’re doing. They’ll definitely appreciate it!

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