Climbing Temps Mean Challenges for Couriers

Jul 02, 2021

As summer brings higher temperatures, it also brings challenges for couriers across the country. Harsh weather conditions are often difficult for companies to navigate.

At Western Peak Logistics, we have systems in place to deliver your packages safely and efficiently. Keep reading to find out just how hard your delivery person works for you.


Living in 2021, we are fortunate to have technology that aids us greatly in our daily life. It wasn’t that long ago when we would have to wait for the news to inform us what our 5-day forecast looked like. We now have access to weather conditions at our fingertips with just a few swipes on our phone screen.

Inclement weather isn’t isolated to heavy rainfall and snowstorms. Heat can be just as dangerous for delivery drivers. This summer alone, states have been setting record-high temperatures regularly. Some governors have even had to issue a state of emergency. So how does this affect couriers?

Dangers of the Heat

Heat leads to heat exhaustion. Our delivery drivers work very hard to ensure that our customers’ shipping needs are met. In hot weather, this can be taxing on some people’s health.

Heat exhaustion is essentially the body overheating. Heavy sweating, dizziness, rapid pulse, and muscle cramps are some obvious signs of heat exhaustion. As delivery drivers make deliveries to their final destination in extreme heat, it’s very important that they are making their health and wellness a top priority.

Heat can also be dangerous to the actual delivery trucks. Heat causes high tire pressure and overheated systems. Safety on the road is important for everyone. Western Peak Logistics has capable drivers on the road taking every safety precaution possible when harsh weather conditions strike.

What to Expect When the Heat Strikes

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and communicating with our clients. It sets us apart. Though inclement weather can’t be avoided, we have implemented proper steps within our company to ensure that you are up to date on the status of your deliveries.

We have staff available 24/7 to update you on your packages, ready to answer your questions and be of support to you.

Ways to Keep Your Courier “Cool”

Western Peak Logistics employs top-notch employees and delivery persons to get your packages where they need to go. Rain or shine, we work for you and consistently try to display a positive attitude and can-do spirit. Here are some creative ideas to support your delivery person:

  • If you come face-to-face with your courier, take notice if they seem to be experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion. If so, encourage them to hydrate and rest.
  • Set out bottles of water. You can include your kids in this. It’s a fun activity and a good teaching moment to share with your family.

Other Challenges Couriers Face

Working as a delivery courier can be quite a hazardous job. Our employees are trained and equipped to handle difficult conditions. Our couriers serve communities in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming—all of which can be hit with hard weather. Another hazard for couriers is delivering in dangerous areas.

The safety of our employees is very important. Though delivering in some dangerous areas, such as high crime neighborhoods or construction zones, can't always be avoided, there can be steps taken on the delivery person’s end to stay safe. Using lights and being aware of their surroundings are some of the ways couriers protect themselves.

With all the heavy lifting, it’s also important that couriers know how to lift correctly so they don’t strain their back. Sunburns are also likely to occur being outside most of the day. This is a reminder for all of us to lather on that sunscreen!

Aggressive pets and insects pose a threat to couriers as well.

Couriers deliver day or night, rain or shine. Western Peak Logistics is dedicated to keeping our drivers safe from these obstacles.

Deliver With Us

At Western Peak Logistics, w e value the well-being of our employees, our customers, and our customers’ packages that we have the privilege of transporting. Weather can be tricky to navigate, but our team is ready to handle what mother nature throws our way.

If you are in the Rocky Mountain West, we are available to help you get your packages to where they need to go. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help meet your shipping needs.

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