Western Peaks Logistics: Your Best Choice for Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Jan 15, 2021

As a major partner to merchants shipping within Utah, Colorado, Idaho, or anywhere throughout the Rocky Mountain West, Western Peaks Logistics is well-versed in shipping all types of goods far and wide—including pharmaceutical products.

Shipping pharmaceuticals is challenging for logistics companies for many reasons:

  1. They’re delicate and prone to becoming unstable. Some pharmaceuticals do not need to be kept at a constant temperature, but many do. The COVID-19 vaccine, for instance, must stay at a cool temperature during transport, not only when it’s in the truck, but also while it’s on loading docks and during transfers. Allowing the vaccine to come to room temperature can destroy it. A National Public Radio story reported that a World Health Organization executive called developing the vaccine “the easy part,” compared to shipping and distributing it.

  2. Lost shipments can cost lives. While any lost shipment is inherently bad, losing one as valuable as pharmaceuticals can literally cost lives if patients are waiting for medicine that does not arrive. Pharmaceutical couriers must be some of the most reliable in the industry.

  3. The integrity of the packaging is critical. Many pharmaceuticals degrade when exposed to light. Others are rendered useless if the seal on the package is broken. For this reason, our couriers must protect pharmaceutical shipments especially carefully, ensuring cardboard boxes remain intact and the product is handled as gently required.

  4. They’re favorite targets for thieves. Packages must be marked pharmaceuticals so that they receive proper handling. But this is also a drawback because the labels are enticing to thieves. Even if the contents of the boxes are unknown, thieves may still risk an attempt to steal them in case they contain pharmaceuticals that could be sold on the black market. In this way, our couriers also have to act as a type of security guard, ensuring the product remains safe throughout its journey to Salt Lake City, Denver, Boise, or other destinations in the Rocky Mountain West.

Depend on Western Peaks Logistics

If you’re a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, a wholesale pharmaceuticals dealer, or a company in the health care industry that needs a reliable courier that serves the Rocky Mountain West, call Western Peaks Logistics. We have combined experience dating back 70 years, so you can trust our skills and longevity. We’re on the forefront of logistics and shipping, and our team members are fully dedicated to their jobs.

Contact us today for information and pricing for shipping pharmaceuticals.

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