Rocky Mountain’s Best Hot-Shot Courier: WPL

Aug 14, 2020

The world is much more dependent on couriers and package carriers now than ever before. With people being encouraged to stay home and out of retail and other stores, more consumers have turned to online shopping to get the goods they need. Western Peaks Logistics has the ability to meet this skyrocketing demand.

Origins of Hot-Shot Couriers

The term hot-shot trucking is said to have originated in the oil fields of Texas, where it was necessary to procure parts and tools quickly to repair damaged oil rigs. Hot-shot truckers would rush in the needed supplies, saving the day.

Now the term applies to almost every industry, including manufacturing, farming, mechanics, health care, and more.

WPL: The Leader in Hot-Shot Trucking

As a logistics company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, WPL is well-versed in the complexities that are involved in getting freight and packages from point A to point B. Often, many modes of transportation are involved. And now, during this period of greater need, fast, reliable hot-shot and on-demand services are more critical.

Logistics for On-Demand Requests

Because hot-shot distribution is, by nature, unplanned or last-minute, WPL has the capacity and expertise to meet service requests of this purpose. That’s why our customers rely on us for their hot-shot deliveries — because they know we’ll be able to do the job right away where another company may have to scramble to find a driver.

From Wide Load Carriers to Envelope Couriers

Whether you’re shipping farm equipment, heavy machinery, vehicles, construction materials, or a smaller load such as a single part or smaller piece of equipment, you can count on Western Peaks Logistics’ hot-shot delivery services. We often deliver items of unusual shapes that might be heavier than standard freight. We also can accommodate big and bulky loads and provide competitive pricing for oversized loads.

We work within your time frame because we know when deliveries are late, it costs you money. Our reputation for on-time, no-excuses deliveries is what makes us the preferred courier in Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; and Boise, Idaho.

Contact Western Peaks Logistics today for safe, on-time hot-shot delivery service.

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