Couriers Support Small Businesses During Prime Day Hustle

Jul 29, 2021

Each year, millions of Americans look forward to the hot deals offered on Amazon Prime Day. It is one of the major, most anticipated shopping days of the year.

At Western Peaks Logistics, Amazon Prime Day is like Christmas in June. From packaging to distributing to delivering goods, all hands-on deck were needed to make this year’s Prime Day a success.

Prime Day 2021 Recap

June 21 through June 22 of this year, Amazon hosted their seventh annual Prime Day.

According to Digital Commerce 360, Amazon’s gross earnings for Prime Day 2021 merchandise sales were around $11.19 billion.

Since the first Prime Day in 2015, which brought in an estimated $900 million in sales, there has been a continuing upward trend in growth.

Amazon is the second-highest ranking company on the Fortune 500 list, coming in second only to Wal-Mart. Though Amazon does a lot of business with the “big guys”, they are also a platform where small businesses can thrive—especially when small businesses have the support of efficient couriers. Thirty-six percent of this year’s $11.19 billion in sales was from small businesses, or as Amazon refers to them as “marketplace sellers”.

Our Role

At Western Peaks Logistics, we are dedicated to the success of our customers’ businesses. As a frequent Amazon partner for last-mile delivery, WPL plays an extremely important role in streamlining an efficient service for the distribution and delivering of Amazon’s orders.

Logistics companies, like Western Peaks Logistics, aid customers in storing, packaging, shipping, and delivering their products. With the number of sales that small businesses see on a regular basis (not even taking Prime Day sales into account), logistics companies remove this burden for entrepreneurs who are then able to better maintain, grow, and put their time and energy into other areas of their businesses.

Fast Service

Consumers pay $119 a year to be Amazon Prime members—a membership that has the huge draw of Prime 2-day shipping on many qualifying items.

Since Prime Day deals are exclusive to members only, consumers don’t only anticipate getting good deals on products, they anticipate getting these products to their doorstep quickly. Using a reputable on-time delivery company like WPL allows small businesses to fulfill this expectation.

Are You Ready for Prime Day 2022?

The ease, variety, and convenience that shopping through Amazon and other online retailers offers is becoming the main strategy for shoppers.

If you are a small business in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming, and surrounding areas, consider hiring Western Peaks Logistics for your shipping needs. Let our competitive courier service handle tasks such as packaging and delivery. We can partner with you so that you’ll be ready for the next Prime Day.

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